SBD Ring section multi-stage pump (API610/BB4)

SBD Ring section multi-stage pump (API610/BB4)

SBD Ring section multi-stage pump (API610/BB4)

SBD Ring section multi-stage pump (API610/BB4)

Model:API610 BB4


◉ Parameters:
Capacities:Q2 ~1000 m3/h
Heads:H~2400 m
Temperatures:T-30 ℃ ~210 ℃
Pressure:P~ 27 MPa

Multistage, horizontal, radial split; foot or centerline installation, supported at both ends. Common parts are modular in design, and standard designs include various hydraulic, bearing and sealing arrangements. The application of CFO fluid analysis software and special middle section makes the pump's overall efficiency reach the international leading level. Forged pressure-bearing parts, precision casting flow parts, special friction ring surface treatment technology, reasonable bearing configuration and lubrication ensure the pump's performance. Safe, reliable and long-term operation requirements.

Clean or slightly polluted, low temperature or high temperature, chemically neutral or corrosive liquids; industrial applications such as power plants, thermal power plants, petrochemicals, coal chemical industries, seawater desalination projects, boiler feed water, condensate water, reverse osmosis pressurization, etc.

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