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Hengli Petrochemical imported PTA gas tower circulating pump

In the second half of 2020, Hengli Petrochemical PTA gas tower circulating pump, and the overflow material is titanium. The pump shaft was broken one after another, and the impeller was damaged along with it. And the rest needed to be replaced with new impellers and shafts in more than a month, which has affected production. We have undertaken For the task of transforming the pump, the technical department redesigned the shaft and the impeller to increase the strength of the shaft and the impeller. And the original shaft seal was changed to a wrapped shaft structure. The medium is no longer in contact with the shaft, and the model of the mechanical seal remains unchanged. The first set of spare parts has been running stably for six months, the second set has also been running for two months, and the third set is now completed soon.
07 2022/05

Jiangsu Xinhai Petrochemical Feed Pump Energy-saving Retrofit

At the beginning of 2021, Jiangsu Xinhai Petrochemical actively responded to the national double reduction policy, implemented energy saving and emission reduction, and planned to replace the two low-efficiency feed pumps that provide deoxygenated water by catalytic cracking with SBD-type high-efficiency energy-saving pumps produced by Ross Pumps. The power consumption has been increased by 15%, and the power consumption has been reduced from 7720Kwh/d to 6350Kwh/d per day. The daily power saving is 1370Kwh, and the actual annual power saving is 320,000 yuan, which exceeds the original plan of 310,000 yuan. The technical transformation task has been successfully completed!
02 2021/12

Ross Pumps has obtained multiple energy-saving certifications

In recent years, the state has vigorously advocated energy conservation and emission reduction. If enterprises use energy-saving equipment that meets national standards, there will be relevant tax reduction policies. Ross Pumps invests a lot of money in research and development every year, and cooperates with Dalian University of Technology and other institutions of higher learning to improve pump efficiency. In March 2020, a series of products such as SBC, SBD, SBR, SBT, SOB and other products were successively certified for energy saving, and obtained the energy saving certificate issued by Fangyuan Energy Saving Certification Group, giving a high evaluation to Ross Pump's products! In the future, companies that use Ross pump products can receive national policy subsidies, which greatly improves the cost performance of Ross products!
06 2020/06
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