SVT Vertical barel pump (API610 VS6)

SVT Vertical barel pump (API610 VS6)

SVT Vertical barel pump (API610 VS6)

SVT Vertical barel pump (API610 VS6)

Model:API1610 VS6


◉ Parameters:
Capacities:Q: ~800 m3/h
Heads:H~800 m
Temperatures:T-65 ℃ ~+180 ℃

Vertically installed barrel pump, multi-stage, radially split, cylindrical shell, the first stage mostly adopts impeller with outstanding anti-cavitation performance. When the pressure difference is large, the balance drum structure is used to balance the axial force, and the residual axial force is borne by the paired angular contact ball bearings. The casing is only subjected to inlet pressure, and the length of the casing and the installation depth of the pump are determined by the requirements of NPSH cavitation performance.

Clean or slightly polluted low or high temperature chemically neutral or corrosive liquids;Refinery, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, power station, cryogenic engineering, pipeline pressurized offshore platform, liquefied gas engineering, etc.

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