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SBD segmental multistage centrifugal pump (API610/BB4 type)
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SBD segmental multistage centrifugal pump (API610/BB4 type)

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Pump type: API610 BB4

Executive standard: API610

Parameter range:

Flow rate Q: 2 to 1000 m 3 /h

Head H: ~2400 m

Design temperature T: -30 °C ~ 210 °C

Design pressure P: ~ 27 MPa

Scope of application:

Clean or slightly contaminated, low temperature or high temperature, chemically neutral or corrosive liquid;

Industrial applications such as power stations, thermal power plants, petrochemicals, coal chemical industry, seawater desalination projects, boiler feed water, condensate water, reverse osmosis pressure.


Multi-stage, horizontal, radial split; foot or centerline mounting, support at both ends. The CFD fluid analysis software system is used to design high-efficiency hydraulic power, and the special mid-stage application makes the overall efficiency of the pump reach the international leading level. Forged pressure parts, precision casting flow parts, special friction ring surface treatment process, reasonable bearing arrangement and lubrication ensure the safety and reliability of the pump and long-term operation requirements.

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