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SOZ horizontal self-priming pump (API610/OH1, OH2 type)
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SOZ horizontal self-priming pump (API610/OH1, OH2 type)

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Pump type: API610 OH1, OH2

Executive standard: API610

Parameter range:

Flow rate Q: ~ 2600 m 3 /h

Head H: ~ 300 m

Design temperature T: -30 ° C ~ 425 ° C

Design pressure P: ~2.5 MPa

Self-priming height: ~9 m

Scope of application:

Clean or contaminated, low or high temperature, chemically neutral or corrosive, liquid containing gas, foam, particles; refinery, petrochemical, chemical industry, coal chemical, power station, thermal power plant, water plant, paper, cement, refining Steel, steel rolling, sewage treatment and general industrial applications.


Single stage radial impeller, horizontal, radial split volute, foot or centerline mounting. The impeller can be constructed in an open or closed configuration. The unique self-priming structure design has the advantages of strong self-priming ability and short self-priming time, and no complicated control circuit. The advanced hydraulic and structural design makes the pump have high efficiency, wide working range, stable performance, compact structure and stable operation. The modular design of the series has a high degree of standardization. There is no need to pump before starting, and there is no need to install the bottom valve at the entrance. The installation, operation and maintenance are simple and convenient.

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