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Production Capacity

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Casting Ability
Source pump industry is one of chemical pump manufacturers with casting capacity
Ordinary sand casting and precision casting
High quality pump casting, production difficult, high, fine, tip casting
Products involved in petroleum, chemical, pipeline, low temperature and other industries pressure casting
Material composition and performance meet GB, ASME and other standards
A、carbon steel
B、martensitic stainless steel
C、Austenitic stainless steel
D、duplex stainless steel
C、special alloy steel
advanced casting equipment
Intermediate frequency furnace 9 set, AOD refining furnace 2 set
3 set heat treatment furnace, shot blasting machine, etc

production capacity
A、1000 t/year
B、precision casting 200t/ year
C、the largest single casting weight is up to 12t

production capacity
A、1000 t/year
B、precision casting 200t/ year
C、the largest single casting weight is up to 12t

Processing Capability
Machining workshop (regular/large parts), heat treatment workshop, assembly workshop
Mechanical processing, heat treatment, pump assembly, performance testing, painting, packaging
Production capacity: 1000 sets/year
Production equipment: more than 100 sets
Processing, assembly, inspection, testing equipment all in readiness
Large pump processing workshop
Large pump body, welding parts, forging cylinder body and other parts processing
Hydraulic test pressure 60MPa
Lifting capacity of 20 tons
Equipped with imported CNC machining equipment more than 50 sets
Machining center, CNC lathe, CNC multi-hole drilling machine, CNC boring machine, etc
Assembly Shop
It covers an area of 1200 square meters
Complete assembly and testing equipment
Lifting capacity of 20 tons
Senior fitter
Annual output of 1,000 sets of pumps
Imported advanced assembly tools
Hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches
Torque up to 27000NM
Testing Capability
Pump Test Station
SOURCE standard pump test station
Full automatic room temperature test stands (open/closed)
Level 1 test accuracy
The flow rate can reach 1800 m3/h
Motor capacity power 315 kW
Automatic data acquisition and processing
External test pump: quality inspection institute
The flow can reach 20000 m3/h
The motor capacity power is 2500 kW
Testing Equipment
Digital ultrasonic flaw detector
Hand-held alloy analyzer
Direct reading spectrometer
Richter hardness tester
Coating thickness gauge
Adhesion tester
Sound level meter
Vibration meter
Infrared thermometer
Roughness meter
Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter
Dynamic balancing machine
Three coordinates

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